The Ministry of Homosexual Affairs has been in existence since 14 oh I don’t know – stop asking silly questions!  The point is that you have had the good sense to come to the Ministry’s site to either:

  1. Learn how to become a better gay
  2. Become gay
  3. Not be straight

Its very difficult not being gay, believe me, I was one too.  Its a travesty that not more is done to help these poor straight people in their sad corduroy existence.

This is where I and the good work of me and the Ministry come in.  Our main task of course is to promote the Gay Agenda because its just not getting out there as well as we would like.  We do this by running recruitment programmes in shopping malls, classrooms and a living room near you. We also run social outreaching programmes with our long arms out stretched to gather up the hordes of poor faceless straight people running around trying desperately to talk to the opposite sex.  Its not that we don’t love them its just that we not always in like with them.  To this end, we are a social service and believe me, we have our work cut out for us.

But work we do as I and the ministry vow to uphold the Gay Agenda, continue to create the homonormative world and clean our teeth in the most fashionable way we know how.

Good gay!

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