We Are Gay Too!!

Isn’t the most important thing our sexuality?  I ask of course I know because I set the policy at the Ministry of Homosexual Affairs – well of course it bloody is. We are gay gay gay and gay.  We are gay when we drink our coffee, gay when when we get our nose hairs clipped, gay when we sharpen our pencils, gay when we pay our bills and gay when we clean lint of our starched Ministry jackets.

Jase Peeples a writer at a gay gay magazine called The Advocate wrote an op ed about naming our sexuality.  We should shout it from the roof tops he argues.  Here here and here.  Absolutely! Which is why the Ministry has recently advocated for the advocation of other particpiants in our society – yes objects.  smalldogThere are objects in our world that arn’t able to proclaim their whole-being sexual identity.  We are fighting hard at the Ministry to mandate sexual identity signs for all those who can’t talk for themselves: speedos, macaroons, The Sound of Music, small dogs, gay best friends, New York, cooking, sex, sex in kitchens.  All these things are gay gay gay.

Please read the full article here:


Good Gay!

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