First Reported Lesbians in South Korea – Ever!

There was a loud, rapturous show of applause in the Ministry of Homosexual Affair’s Gay Recruitment Asia division.  Hands slapped backs accompanied by high pitched air kissing to make it appropriately gay as the news hit the Ministry of our success in the East Asian country of South Korea.  What’s South Korea I hear you say?  Admittedly I had to look on a map – apparently South Korea is not North Korea where sadly, they have many other things to think about other than a sexual revolution such as not dying.

South Korea formally famous for cabbage is also now also known for its lesbians.  Yes we here at the Ministry, under my careful, caring tutelage have created our first lesbians ever in this formally and sadly, grey and straight society.  Evidence for our humble ground breaking success came in the form of a kiss on a Korean TV drama.  korean-lesbians-movie-memento-moriYes, they were our lesbians – I feel I was right there with them (but not actually kissing them because that would be just yucky).  Our East Asian Division have infiltrated the country at every level – oh I hear you ask, the President of South Korea is an unmarried woman who dresses badly – well well well, wink wink wink.

Along with having McDonalds insert pink beets into their hamburgers and inventing the rhinestone studded condom, we feel this is just another success by the Ministry and its righteous mission.  There has been controversy of course in the country.  Breeders up and down the country are jumping up and down of their flabby bottoms decrying the advent of ‘the lesbian’.  You can be assured that these sad, utterly depressing creatures who have yet to discover their true gay selves will soon receive a visit from the Ministry’s Gay Recruitment Team.

South Korea – the Gay Agenda is coming your way.

Good Gay!

(Click here for more South Korean Lesbian news and some yucky lesbian kissing)

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