My Husband’s Not Gay – But He Could Be

Could your husband be gay even if he wasn’t?  I don’t have a husband, it would distract from my all important Ministerial work but if I did, he most definitely could be and most probably, indefinitely might not be.

Recently a lot of fuss and nonsense has surrounded the Mormon reality show ‘My Husband’s Not Gay’, which profiles straight woman and their gay husbands who insist that they most definitely could be, probably straight if they weren’t gay or something like that.  Its all confusing really.

And then George Takei decided to add to this quality television idea with a gay version, or perhaps a straight version of a gay reality show – oh I don’t know. His show is called ‘My Husband’s Not Straight’ which details poor, lost straight souls being saved into gay alliances.

God bless.

Of course, stuff and nonsense aside, both George Takei and the Mormons are absolutely and completely right.  Its just as simple and relatively straight forward to make a gay straight as it is for gays to bend straights.

As I have outlined before in official Ministry blogs, our full proof  gay recruitment techniques are 100% effective.  I strongly urge you to read up on our ‘Gay Recruitment’ page of some of these advanced techniques.

If we’re doing it, why shouldn’t the Mormons?

Good gay!


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