Breaking News: There Are Gays in Korea!

I’m absolutely peeved that we at the Ministry could have missed this one.  My most trusted dept, the Research Dept have disappointed me.  Firings will ensue forewith!!!  Except of course for Dave the paper filer boy because he gives good massages.

gaypride2Anyway, we at the Ministry have just found out there are gays in Korea!!  Yes its true.  Apparently they have been there for awhile.  Our Research Dept have of course been told verbatim by the Koreans that there were no gay in Korea – who were we to know better.

As it transpires they have been there for awhile popping up in TV dramas and films as well as owning businesses, walking dogs, cleaning teeth and drinking decaf coffee.  They have been of late, protesting (an awfully unfashionable activity that the Ministry does not condone) to have their rights heard by the Mayor.  They want a human rights charter that actually includes mention of gays.  We will keep you in touch with how this goes once Dave hires his new team.

Good gay!


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