Benjy the Gay Bull

MI-charolaisWe at the Ministry awoke to the terrible news that gay bull Benjy is about to be slaughtered.  Do-gooders have now started a crowdfunding campaign to save the gay bull from extinction.

Given the over abundence of rainbows and small, green jumping men with bells on we at the Ministry didn’t think Ireland would have a problem with it.  I myself have been known to be quite a stud although not bullish because a cow in a whole is worth………. Oh I don’t know stop getting me off track!!!

holstein_cows-585x500What is of course more significant is that if Benjy the bull is gay then by definition, all the other cows, bulls and perhaps even other livestock surrounding Benjy are not gay.  Therefore, I have dispatched my top, tippity top Gay Recruitment agents from my Irish division, in their best spangly gumboots to the farm, forth with, immediately!  Given our comprehensive and hard, hard research into gay recruitment on people, animals, bottom feeders and a mullet wearing redneck called Bob,  we should have them recruited and gay by Lunch time.

Of course if you and any of your associates do spy some non gay livestock in your area, perhaps even some pets lurking around your house please call the hotpink line: 0800 gayistheway

Bulls away!

Good Gay!

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