Overcome with Like

From the bottoms of my inflexible tip tippity toes to just above my receding hairline I am overcome with like.  Its not often an effective bureaucratic, Jesus like figure like me (I know my place in the suited pecking order me, don’t get any funny ideas!) gets to feel such emotion.  I rarely use it and I have instructed all my Ministry underlings to sign form 34.5 A)B form Appendix ‘Use of Emotion at the Ministry’ Chapter 9, 2 B oh I’m not sure!  Anyway the contents state that employers must only ever use emotion on specific occasions as mandated by the management – me.

president-obama-backs-gay-union-rights-in-immigration-bill-emphasizes-lgbt-inclusive-reform-may-not-be-immediateputinarainbowBut I am feeling all like-a-wilky now as many of you in your most intelligent leaps as decided to ‘like’ our Facebook Page.  To all the leaders of the countries of this planet.  You have done a sterling job and I am positively overcome with satisfaction to see you here. Thank you thank and thank me as I will continue to supply you with my instructive thoughts and plan out your activities for the day so not only will you  be more gay but a better gay.

Thank you so much.

Good gay!!


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