Stop the Gay Marriage Madness!

All this gay marriage madness has to stop.  Now we have Finland joining the ranks rubbing the noses of straight marriedees and their breeding noses with our rainbow flags.  STOP THE MADNESS I command you!  I am the Minister so you better bloody listen to me or I will be instructing my tailor fitted body guards with their taylor fitted body suits to rough you up (as long as they don’t scuff their heels).

Enough all ready! Our poor, poor straight cousins are having their ever diminishing straight marriages demeaned in front of our very eyes. From New Zealand to the Netherlands, from South Africa and to Sweden and now Finland, we keep flaunting our legitimate partnerships in their petrified faces. They do have a point – Jesus with his roughly hewn chiseled cheeks and designer stubble, and the long flowing gold trimed robes of Catholic priests have nothing to do with gayness or its close cousin homosexuality.

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