Straight Baiting

There has been much debate of late and perhaps before late, maybe even up to now about gay bating.  Of course what everyone is missing except for the Ministry because we have not missed anything in our long undetermined history, is the horrendous issue of straight bating.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 12.26.25 PMIn a world where everyone is assumed homosexual until proven guilty this is an outrage.
There really is not much controversy in what the ministry does especially as we are here to help you, and you.  The truth is, the secret is – shhhhhhhh – because everyone is really homosexual the gay agenda is to nudge you back where you have always supposed to have been. There is no recruitment when your genes have already decided for you.
This straight baiting by the likes of naughty individuals like James Franco who insist on doing roles ‘suggesting’ he might sometime, at some point in his life be straight is downright irresponsible and offensive to all in sundry and their tennis partners.  I mean for gods sake he even brushed his teeth the other day.
o-JAMES-FRANCO-IN-BED-facebookWhat are the implications for this action on those poor straight god forsaken individuals who have to brush their own teeth, go to work, have dogs, get married and watch their sugar intake? if James Franco is going to constantly fish in their waters how confused are they going to be and the Ministry does not promote confusion in any  way shape or form, in fact we disdain it!  Its all gay, gay GAY with us and huge dollops of even more gay.
James, for gods sake, stop tormenting these poor people.  Their lives are hard enough.  Admit your godly normalised sexuality so at least these breeding abnormalities can get on with their lives knowing that no one of any profile or who is even slightly not unattractive is at all like them.  Its so much easier to handle a tragedy when you can see it for what it is.
Good gay!

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