Are Iphones Gay?

Its always a damm good thing when a head of a major corporation is seen to decide to take on the lifestyle of a gay.  Why should the lifestyle of a gay only be reserved to those cliches such as dykes on bikes, sailor boys, aids patients and cheer leaders.  Absolutely, why not should the CEO arrive to work wearing a deliciously gauche mix of leather, hot pants and a frilly miniskirt on top of a bike with a hospital drip inserted into this arm.  Hip hip hooray happy gay.

This does of course lead us to ask some fundamental questions that of course well suited to a ministry of such reserve and status as the Ministry of Homosexual Affairs.
We at MOHA would like to know:
What now is the sexual orientation of all the devices made by Apple? Clearly they were straight before but with the recent news this puts the sexual orientation of these inanimate objects into question
Speaking of inanimate, clearly now Apple should clearly start making  animate objects (thats just my opinion, there are many in the ministry (not myself of course) who would find such devices beneficial)
White and Grey is no longer acceptable MOHA will be officially asking Apple to make its devices in pink and purple for obvious reasons
For-iPhone-4-4S-iphone-5-font-b-case-b-font-font-b-Gay-b-fontSpeaking of ‘devices’ this does open up a whole new realm of what these devices can be.  And if so and were could be and at such time as they are, then, MOHA would be happy to be approached for sponsorship and other such support.
New branding would not go astray.  Is an ‘apple’ as fruity as it gets, I mean really?  How about a cherry, they’re quite gay.  Pink grapefruit are of course the queens of gay fruit and the odd papaya thrown in for good measure can work. Hell why not just use a fruit salad as the new brand.
There you go, and thats not MOHA official policy, thats just a gift to you Mr Cook.
Good gay

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